Kimberly Stein is an acclaimed mixed media artist known for her coastal contemporary fine arts. Her pieces, which emphasize light, shape, color, and form, are featured in collections across the US. She exhibits in galleries in Virginia and Florida and has dedicated over 35 years to arts education in her community

Award-winning Mixed Media Artist
Coastal contemporary fine arts
Works on Paper
Coastal Fine Arts

Contemporary Coastal Fine Art

Discover Kimberly Stein's stunning coastal fine arts, each capturing the coast's beauty through unique mixed media techniques. Find your perfect piece

Mixed Media Artworks

Explore Kimberly Stein's captivating mixed media artworks, each a unique exploration of color, shape, and form, showcasing her original style

Virginia, Florida galleries

See Kimberly Stein's stunning coastal fine arts in person at galleries in Virginia and Florida, and experience vibrant colors and intricate details

Original Distinct Style

Kimberly Stein's artworks are in collections across the US, showcasing her talent and distinctive artistic vision

Arranging blues and greens to capture some of the water's natural beauty.

Works on Canvas

Kimberly Stein's translation of light and color is a unique feature of her particular style.

Her distinct approach captivates with attention to detail and original vision

assorted-color paintbrushes
assorted-color paintbrushes